About Me

I’ve always been attracted to art and particularly to creating it. As a child, I must have driven my poor mum mad, continually making a mess: drawing, painting, cutting and sticking things. Life of course, as with most people, got in the way of my artistic ambitions and it’s only in the last few years that I’ve been able to devote time to painting. Creating art is wonderful and time seems to disappear when I’m working on a new project.

As an artist working in Lancashire, England, I’m inspired by the natural world and aim to evoke a sense of the place, atmosphere, and time. I paint landscapes that reflect this, quite often using colourful palettes to emphasise the sense of movement, light, or time of day or year. I also love animals, being amused by their characters and determination, so frequently they too are the focus of my work. Watching birds, particularly in flight, has always transported me as they seem to epitomise freedom, so again they often feature.

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I generally paint in opaque mediums: oils, acrylics and sometimes pastels. I also work in mixed media. I do occasionally use an impasto technique, but this is relatively rare, as I prefer to lay down multiple layers of thinly applied colour which break to reveal subtle variations in hue that give depth and maintain interest. This method of working often involves the use of palette knives and/or brushes, and using rags, fingers or tools to scrape through the layers to reveal underlying colours.  I also love experimenting and enjoy swapping between realism and abstraction, taking pleasure in the creative process.

A complete techno dinosaur, I’ve been coerced into developing this web site in response to customer enquiries and the encouragement of family and friends. I have exhibited in my region selling works in Lancashire and Yorkshire.

I hope you enjoy looking through the gallery and if you are interested in buying prints you can click on the link in the gallery or here.

If you like what you see and would like to buy an original or perhaps commission a painting please contact me.

Sample Works


Towneley river side

Towneley Hall has lovely, extensive parkland around it, which is very well used and thoroughly enjoyed.  This section of the river that runs through is quiet and secluded.  Painted as seen in early spring the work, rendered in acrylics, captures the cool yellows and blues seen at that time of [...]


Hurstwood in Summer

Hurstwood is the name of a lovely unspoiled hamlet surrounded by peaceful and beautiful woods, river and reservoirs. This painting captures that wonderful sense of light filtering through the woods.  Painted on prepared MDF, I chose to exaggerate and play with the colours whilst still trying to capture the spirit [...]



I love this picture not least because it’s of my lovely cat, Lulu. The painting is based on a closely cropped photograph of her as a young kitten-cat and is rendered in acrylic and tears. She was a brown Burmese and captured our hearts completely. An incorrigible chewer, she wrecked [...]



This is of my lovely old Cavalier, Holly.  She was a wonderful character, typical of the breed: she loved everyone and everything - especially food!  Her coat became very dense and uncontrollable so, despite frequent grooming, she always had the appearance of an unkempt hearthrug, but that just added to [...]


Seagulls in Arnside

This was inspired by a walk in Arnside on the wide estuary of the river Lune.  It was a cool, but lovely, day and the white of the seagulls in flight was captured against the darker broad sands of the estuary.  I took lots of photos and this is loosely [...]


Abstract in Complementaries

This was great fun to do.   I selected warm and cool versions of blue, red, yellow and green, which lent themselves to a vibrant and pleasing composition. Using a palette knife and a rudimentary idea of what I hoped to achieve, I just let rip! I reacted to what happened [...]

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